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No matter what you’re up to on the internet, it’s important for you to know your IP address.

An IP address is similar to a telephone number. The IP you see designates your unique identity that’s represented by a series of numbers so that a computer / server can keep track of you when you connect to websites on the world wide web.

When you use a VPN or proxy service, you’ll probably notice that your IP address is different than when you’re not running your VPN.

That’s because you’re running your connection through a buffer of sorts.

Your Connection Is Like A Fried Egg:

Think of your connection as a fried egg. At the center of an over easy fried egg you’ve got the yolk, and around the outskirts (surrounding the entire yolk --- if you know how to crack an egg into a pan cleanly) you have the egg white.

If you think of the connection to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as the egg yolk, the outer egg white portion is like your VPN/proxied/tunneled connection. You still have to rely upon the yolk for the basal level of your connection (or tastiness of your meal), but in order to access the yolk from the outside world (the rest of your meal) your connection must traverse the egg white.

All it Takes is a Broken Egg White to Expose the Yolk:

Picture it's the morning, and you’ve got a nice breakfast on your plate. The egg calls out to you, and you go for it. You take a bite of the egg white first, and next thing you know, your yolk is running all over your plate into the rest of your sweet sweet breaky.

All it takes is a small hole in your VPN egg white to expose the yolk of your connection. It can be simple things like browser/cookie exploits, or a google-account tracker.

That’s why it’s important to always practice multiple forms of web-security (such as checking which accounts you’re logged into, and being careful of what sites you visit) -- because even when you’re tunneled, because it doesn’t take much to ‘break an egg.’

You wouldn't crack a raw egg onto your breakfast plate, so why browse the web without a VPN?

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